Convert Leads One Dollar at a Time


Pay-per-click advertising allows you to place your business in the eyesight of the consumer. Whether it's on google search results, facebook pages, or bing results, my PPC services combine the right search keywords, compelling ad copy, and site experience to produce sales. I test and analyze your campaigns on a weekly basis when you work with me. Seventy-six % of all PPC campaigns fail to generate any revenue. I am here to guarantee that it doesn't happen to you.

You can start a pay-per-click campaign with as little as one hundred dollars a month. However, I've learned it is best, to begin with, a minimal amount of five hundred or higher. Starting with a higher amount enables you to be competitive in the current advertising market.




My Process

  • Initial Client Meeting
  • Industry Analysis
  • Ad Development
  • Ad Implementation
  • Evaluation and Management

1. Initial Client Meeting

I sit down with you to learn more about your company's history, goals, strength, weaknesses, services, and products. Also, we discuss what you want to promote with a PPC campaign.

2. Industry Analysis

Second, I analyze the companies biggest competitors and the industry surrounding them. This activity helps both the client and I gain powerful insights on how to move forward with their pay-per-click campaign.

3. Ad Development

I begin developing the ad copy, imagery and the selected landing page on your website based on information gathered from the industry analysis.

4. Ad Implementation

Now we implement the ad we created on your selected platform.

5. Evaluation and Management

Finally, I will continually audit the ad on a weekly basis to track the efforts and make changes to increase ROI.

If you are interested in my pay-per-click services, fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.